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    Grafted into the Tree ! ! !

    05.16.19 | by Larry Musgrove

    The Tree of Life (The Father, Son & Holy Spirit) gave us the freedom of choice, to embrace, (grafted into Him) or reject, (separated from Him eternally) His perfect Love.

      The Man Who Walked With God ! ! !

      04.25.19 | by Larry Musgrove

      Enoch, who walked with God, was just as human as we are, but it is the choices that we individually make must be made with the wisdom of God and His Spirit directing our steps daily. 

        The Beatitudes / Human Beings ! ! !

        04.18.19 | by Larry Musgrove

        He who stands in need of nothing, cannot be bound by anything!  I had read this several years ago, so I copied it and placed on our refrigerator, a sobering reminder to me, of what our hearts should be when our obedience to Him who loved us first...