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    History ! ! !

    03.14.19 | by Larry Musgrove

    How would you define the word, history? His Story, if not for God's desire to have as many children, family (as the sands of the sea) for us to dwell with Him eternally there would be no History. In Him we live and move and have our being...

      Without Faith ! ! !

      03.08.19 | by Larry Musgrove

      Faith isn't without action, meaning, being God's Hands and Feet, trusting Him to carry us through. Living in obedience daily, driven by our faith and trust in Him Alone, is pleasing to God.

        Sacrifice or Obedience ! ! !

        02.28.19 | by Larry Musgrove

        As we can see the greatest sacrifices are those of praise to God, which pleases Him greatly. We should walk in obedience in His Presence, we can look up for Jesus's return may be sooner than we know!

          Let This Mind Be in You ! ! !

          02.21.19 | by Larry Musgrove

          Patiently waiting God's presence greatly pleases Him. Our obedient, humble service may not be known until the great and glorious day we stand amazed in His Presence!