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    His Purpose ! ! !

    10.04.18 | by Larry Musgrove

    We were created for a purpose, to dwell in His Presence, bearing fruit through our love and obedience to His Word.

      We Are His Jewels ! ! !

      09.27.18 | by Larry Musgrove

      His strength is His Love for all humanity, an all Consuming Love, even when we don't acknowledge that He is there. He is, "The Pearl of Great Price,"  and we are His Jewels, made righteous through His Blood!

        Be Still and Know ! ! !

        09.19.18 | by Larry Musgrove

        Only as we, His Children be still, patiently waiting and seeking to drink deeply from the well of His Presence, there will be rivers of Living Water flowing from our heart to those in dire need of The One whose love is all consuming!!