As He Is, So We Must Be ! ! !

12.06.18 | by Larry Musgrove

As He Is, So We Must Be ! ! !

    Choose to live life to the fullest being filled with Joy Unspeakable and full of God's Glory!!

    Family, As we rise and shine in this new day allow the Glory of His Presence, (His Spirit) direct your steps, becoming as He Is! 

    Excerpt from, "Jesus Always" Dec.6th:  Jesus said, "Trusting and loving Me are the very core of your relationship with Me.  These beautiful ways of drawing near Me protect you from being to focused on yourself and  your fears. Turn to Me over and over again--secure in My Sheltering Presence."

    An excerpt from the Book, "The Secret Place:  " Jesus said, A few individuals were exceptions to the curse of sin and death.  Enoch did not experience  death,  neither did Elijah.  They were forerunners and prophetic examples of the result of intimacy with Me. They partook of the eternal Tree of Life. Their communion with Me released My Life Force and they did not die.  Life is released in My Presence.  I AM the God of the living, not the dead!"

    I Peter 1:16, Jesus Said," You must be Holy, for I AM Holy!"

    Holiness is a human being who is set apart, (sanctified by the Blood of Our Savior, Jesus Christ). We can be as HE IS, it is the freedom of choice, His Love offers. So choose life and live to the fullest, a being filled with Joy Unspeakable and full of God's Glory!!

    Through His Power & Love We Have The Courage To Confront and Overcome anything the flesh hurls in our direction!  We will be out of town this weekend , please lift up Alan Stefanik as he leads, 9:45 AM Bible Study this Sunday!      We Love You, L&D   Eph. 4:13