Who Do You Say I AM ! ! !

12.13.18 | by Larry Musgrove

Who Do You Say I AM ! ! !

    GOD loves us with an Everlasting Love and there is nothing He would withhold from those who are obedient to His call! 

    Family, As this new day dawns for all humanity, as we Praise & Thank Him for who HE is, Emmanuel, God with Us! So, please do not hinder His Holy Spirit from keeping you and myself from allowing His Love to overflow in you to that soul that needs to experience His Presence in their life. No greater gift than this, especially at this time of the year and to hear Him say,"Well Done! that good and faithful servant!"

    Luke 9:20, Jesus asked Him, "Who do you think that I AM?"  Peter said, The Messiah of God!"

    HE is, I AM, The Ancient of Days, The Holy One of Israel, The Lord God Jehovah, The Lion Judah, the Rose of Sharon, The Lily of the valley, the Bright and Morning Star, The Pearl of Great Price, The Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Messiah, Jesus, Our Deliverer, Our Hiding Place, Our Refuge, Our Almighty God, Our Strong Tower, Our Redeemer, Our Unknown God, (known only to those that seek Him with their whole heart)!

     It has been said that during, "The Christmas Season",  that typically people are more depressed, broken, isolated and suicidal!  Could it be that we as  God's Children  do not reflect God's Love, even at Christmas, not being His Hands and Feet. We must embrace and fulfill, 2nd Chronicles 7:14, becoming fruit bearing servants of Him who loved us first. Where Jew & Gentile become One New Man, in preparation for Jesus's return for His Children!

    Remember,        We Love You L&D  Eph. 4:13    See you Sunday  9:45 AM for Sunday Morning Bible Study &11 AM  With Combined Adult & Children's Christmas Choir Celebration Service!!