Worship Services

At Mount Olive, worship means acknowledging who God is (holy and good) and who we are (not so holy and not so good) in relation to him. This means admitting and confessing our sin, and accepting God's forgiveness. In worship, we speak directly to God about what's on our minds (our needs and the needs of others) and what's on God's mind (His desire for love and justice and redemption in the world). This means reading the Scripture. It also means listening for what God is saying to you through the music, the sermon and everything that happens in worship. Worship doesn't end when the service is over. Worship means we leave the service so aware of God's greatness that we find ways to obey and honor and serve him throughout the week.

Sunday Morning at 8:30 am - Early Worship
You are welcome to have a cup of coffee with us during our Early Worship service in the Youth Building. Contemporary praise and worship is led by our Early Morning Praise Band.   An inspiring message with biblical truths that can be applied to our daily lives is brought by our Associate Pastor, Damon Poole.

Sunday Morning at 9:45 am - Sunday School
From Nursery to Senior Adult there is a small group Bible study for you.  Come fellowship with us during this hour, while we focus on applying biblical lesson to our lives.

Sunday Morning at 11:00 am - Celebration Worship
 Join us in the main sanctuary for our Celebration Worship service. This service is a stirring and inspirational blend of worship and preaching. An inspirational message that urges us to have a closer walk with Christ is brought by our Senior Pastor, Wally Weaver.