Commissioned in Grace !

11.19.20 | by Larry Musgrove

Commissioned in Grace !

    Embrace His Grace to carry you wherever HE Leads!

    Family, As we arise, and thankful for this cooler weather, abiding in the warmth of His Presence with His Joy that He has set before us giving us His Peace that passes understanding. Embrace His Grace to carry you wherever HE Leads!

    2nd Corinthians 12:9, My Grace is sufficient for you, for My Strength is made perfect in weakness!

    James 4:6,The Lord gives more Grace, as HE says, I resist the proud, but I give grace to the humble!

    An excerpt from the book, "The Final Quest" (The Commissioned) The Lord then stood up, and all those who were seated upon the thrones for as far as I could see stood up. His eyes burned with a fire that I had not seen before. "You have called upon Me for Grace.  This request I never deny.  You shall return and the Holy Spirit will be with you. Here you have tasted of both My kindness and my severity.  You must remember both if you are to stay on the path of life.  The true love of God includes the judgement of God.  You must know both My kindness and My severity are you will fall to deception.  This is the Grace that you have been given here to know both.  The conversations you had with your brethren here were My Grace. Remember them." Then God said,  "I will make more of My Grace & Power available to the last day church, because she must accomplish more than any church in this age has accomplished!  

    His Ways Are Higher Than Our Ways, Seek His First, Not Missing His Grace!