HE Is I AM ! ! !

04.09.20 | by Larry Musgrove

HE Is I AM ! ! !

    God is on His Throne and His Mercy and Grace endures as we mature in Him.

    Family, Thankful to awaken in His Presence and yes this generation could be one of the most unstable times this world has ever witnessed. God is still on His Throne and His Mercy and Grace endures as we mature in Him. Getting prepared for that Glorious Day when Jesus returns for His Children, experiencing His Joy Forever!!

    He Is I Am, Jesus,The Ancient Of Days, El Shaddai,The Holy Spirit, The Lion of Judea,The Lily of the Valley, Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Alpha & Omega, The Bright and Morning Star, The Rose of Sharon,Emmanuel, Messiah,The Pearl of Great Price,The Prince of Peace, The Holy One of Israel, Jehovah Jireh, Yeshua Hamashiach, The Lion & The Lamb, Our Deliverer, Our Refuge & Shelter, Our Very Present Help In Time Of Trouble,The unknown God, known only to those who seek Him with their whole heart, Our Hiding Place, His Whole Armor, The Word That Became Flesh, His Joy is Our Strength as we dwell In The Well Of His Presence!

    "As we go through these times please read and claim Psalm 91 over your family and all humanity! We must be so focused on pleasing God, that when things get back to normal, which can be even more dangerous. Back to normal is what the enemy loves and the flesh as well.  Abnormal, sanctified, (set apart) from the world's ways is His Highest Level for truly living free indeed.  The statement "That is the way we always did it" must go!  Just as He commanded us to "pray without ceasing", leaving no room for the flesh!  As all of the prophets in the Word in both testaments concluded,  if God did not go with them they did not go! 

    An excerpt from the book, 'The Final Qwest,' When we see men and women willing to suffer for the hope they can only dimly see in their hearts, it causes even the greatest angels to bow their knee and gladly serve these heirs of salvation.  We marvel at the dedication of you who dwell with so little encouragement in a place of such darkness and evil!

    At first we did not understand why God decreed that men would have to walk by faith, suffering great opposition while not having the benefit of beholding the reality and the glories of the heavenly realm.  But now we understand that through sufferings God proves their worthiness to receive great authority that they will be given as members of His own household!                                                                

    We Love You, L&D   Ephesians 4:13