Love Is !

12.10.20 | by Larry Musgrove

Love Is !

    His Love embracing and guiding our every step.

    Family, As we awaken this new day with His Love embracing and guiding our every step in this day and being our brother's keeper and loving the least of these!

    Hebrews 13:1-2, Continue to love each other deeply just as The Father loves us.  And remember to be kind to strangers for some as have entertained angels unaware.

    Romans 13:8, Pay all your debts except the debt of love for others - never finish paying that!

    Is John 4:18, There is no fear in love ,for perfect love casts out fear!

    Excerpt from the Book," The Secret Place" 'Jesus said, "Do you see that the revelation from the well of My Presence is meant to draw all mankind to Me? The Holy Spirit's work is to reveal Me! That is why you must come into My Presence spirit to Spirit.  Those whom I use the most understand the simple truth.  Give Me your heart and your devotion.  Give Me your attention and you ear.  Let us be lovers and friends.  Eternity awaits us. Even the angels desire, but cannot have what only My Bride and I will enjoy,"

    By now I had formed a picture of Him as He spoke with me It seemed as those His arms were raised and outstretched in a beckoning gesture as He spoke.  "You must choose whether you will be like those who come only for truth and revelation, or those who come primarily to be with Me. If you choose Me, then indeed, life giving truth, soul saving power will be released as you draw from the well of My Presence.  It is out of sweet communion in the well of My Presence that life flows --not in truth itself. Truth sets you free, but My Presence gives you life. Only as you abide in Me do you have life." He paused and breathed deeply, "Choose life," He sighed, paused again and whispered a final plea.  Choose intimacy with Me." His voice softened to an almost inaudible level; every word was pregnant with feeling. The intensity of His gaze totally arrested me. His eyes were full of longing. They sparkled with moisture and a single tear coursed down His cheek and fell upon His robe, a sign of His longing for intimacy with His Bride!

    I, (Dale Fife) & myself as well, was so moved by the Lord's deep longing for intimacy with His Bride that it took several minutes before I could regain my composure. My emotions were loosed, and everything within me cried out for intimacy with Him!  

            Greater Love Has No One Than His! We Love You L&D   Eph 4:13  See you Sunday!!